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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping services in action are the recording of the business process for fiscal and calendar years. In a business that involves activities budgeting and design and support of information systems. Accurate recording of every economic event during the course of a daily business schedule. We have the capacity to handle small to medium size business to record transactions, pay bills, invoice, accounts receivables/payables, bank accounts, credit card accounts preparation of ad hoc documentation and financial statements and many more service offerings that come with the business. As a business owner you will need to focus on the growth of the business and let us do the nuts and bolts of the day to day operations. We also can implement accounting software custom to your business with data conversion services and with remote hosting 24/7. We are experts in EB-5 investor services, financial statements and personal financial management.

Tax Preparation

We specialize in a wide range of issues dealing with business advisory, corporate taxation, wealth services, real estate and individual taxes or small business owners. It’s easy to get your tax filings very wrong but with our expertise we can ensure that the advice and services our clients receive are accurate and tailored to your needs on a timely basis. We are dedicated professionals who have been involved with multiple complex transactions. We have guided our clients through tax planning and decisions to strategically maximize the business and focus on their financial goals. Our experience allows us to seek out financial opportunities to make optimal decisions. We stay current with the most recent news on tax laws applicable to our clients and will continue education programs as needed. The ability to electronically file and direct deposit for speedy tax refund. We can file extensions and calculate estimated taxes due to avoid further penalties.

Advisory & Consulting

We provide expert advice and custom high-quality solutions for your business to maximize profits and we bring to the table important skills that grow your business plans. We can help you achieve your individual objectives in whatever arena you may be in. We have and can deliver optimal solutions and find your success. Together we can overcome any challenges you may be facing or standing in your way of business. We have built strong relationships in our industry and can seek out the right partners to assist in the strategy of your business. We are there for transaction advisory, outsourcing and looking to expand, merge or sell or buy a business. Our goal is to build companies upward and onward mentality.

Medical Billing 

We are experts in the healthcare industry and can assist in the organization of your business. You can then focus on other important matters in the day to day operations of your practice. Finding the right partner for your practice can be a daunting task. We are high performance partners and can help achieve any financial goals you may have in mind. Because of our expertise in many other industries we can see beyond the bottom line. Gross charges versus net collections reports available upon request, average gross charges per encounter and analytics are available. Services include but not limited to claim submission and review, revenue management activities, coding experts, insurance verification, on-going communication with your practice, payment processing, reporting and so much more available 24/7.

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